- They will tie you, pie you, humiliate & punish you. On your knees in all that goo boy!

Tied, Pied, Humilated, Punished

Apply for an Audience

You have made a decision, you cant wait to worship at the feet of one of our Mistresses, so what now.
Simply email us respectfully with the following information and then see if your application is successful.

  • The name of the Mistress you would like to serve (if you are not sure whether She will cater for your particular preferences please ask us and we will be happy to advise)
  • If you have a scenario you would like to enact that is appropriate please give a brief outline of it
  • Description of the sort of substances you would like be used
  • Whether you would like pics as a memento
  • What sort of outfit you would like your Mistress to wear - this is a guide only
  • Dom's will need to provide the above details for submessive girl jess too

    It really is a simple as that. We will then give you a quote and answer any of your questions. Once you are happy we will arrange your private one to one Messy Domination session.

    Please note:
  • We are based in Essex and are easily accessible by rail or road
  • A deposit will be required prior to the session with the balance due on the day
  • Further questions may be answered by visiting our FAQ page
  • Submissives only with the correct attitude need apply

    We will bind you, pie you, humilate and punish you all whilst getting will become our gooey, gungy, sticky plaything. Your sploshing dreams really can come true.
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Mess Mistress

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