- They will tie you, pie you, humiliate & punish you. On your knees in all that goo boy!

Tied, Pied, Humilated, Punished

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The Torment of Von

Torment of Von

This WAM blockbuster sees Miss T doing what she does best namely sorting out girls with attitude! Von wants to call it a day but our resident Mistress has other plans and takes great delight and pleasure in tying up Von and sliming the hell out of her!

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Sammie B - Pied

Pied & Pilloried Pt1

Our anxious secretary Sammie B is late for work and as punishment for her tardiness finds herself duct taped to her chair and then pied despite her squeals of protest. Blouse torn open, covered in creamy mess and exhausted by her attempts to 'wheel' herself out of the firing line Sammie is then covered in custard and then dragged into the shower and hosed down

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Sammie B - Pilloried

Pied & Pilloried Pt2

We rejoin our secretary in distress, Sammie B, who having endured her pieing punishment finds that things take a turn for the worse as Miss T demonstrates a politically incorrect, but effective, way to handle her wayward staff. First Miss T 'secures' Sammie's attention before sploshing the poor girl with various savoury goodies including raw eggs, cold beans, mushy peas, rice pudding and tomato ketchup. Sammie squeals, protests and pleads for mercy throughout her ordeal but as fans of Miss T know, pleas for mercy leave our stern Mess Mistress unmoved!

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Secret Diary of Hannah Lewis

Dont Splosh Me Now

Having written in and asked to be tied and slimed at the mercy of Miss T, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Hannah is not too happy that Miss T now wants some fun and this involves spanking and sploshing Hannah with "the things I hate most in the world!" Miss T of course has a great time teasing and tormenting the poor girl and we suspect you will enjoy watching it as well!

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