Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? We are based in Essex just 20 minutes from London Liverpool St.
How much will it cost me? Please contact us with a full list of your requirements as detailed here for a quote.
Who is this service for? This is a chance for submissives who also enjoy messy play to serve and entertain their Mistress. Please note these Mistresses will not switch during the session – you are here to serve Them.
I want to Dominate not be submissive We now offer you the chance to do this with our submissive girls. Please note that during these sessions Miss T will also be present.
Does a session always involve pain? Not at all. It depends on you and your Mistresses personal preferences.
Will you keep within my limits? Limits are always respected and you will often be given a safe word to use if necessary.
Can you come to me? No.
Do you accept beginners? Yes novices are welcome, however, you must realise that these Ladies expect to be in control. Ensure you understand what will be involved prior to contacting us. Only the obedient, submissive or masochist will be entertained. Players and those seeking to top from the bottom will not be tolerated.
What activities are on offer? A variety including, bondage, humiliation, corporal punishment, CBT, NT, body worship, foot worship, clothed face sitting as well as getting messy
What will be involved/allowed in my session? Each Mistress has Her own personal preferences & limits. When you contact us initially please state your preferences and we can go from there.
How do I book a session? Firstly make sure you have read through this website, then go to the contact page and send us a full list of your requirements as requested. If you cant follow basic instructions your application may not be accepted.
How long is a session? All sessions last approximately an hour.
Can we act out a particular fantasy scenario that I have? Some of our Mistresses are happy to do this providing it is BDSM based. Ensure you include it in your first contact email
Do you have adequate shower facilities? Yes of course & a supply of towel & toiletries – you wouldn’t expect your Mistress not to be able to get cleaned up now would you!
Can I have pictures of my session? If you request this when you first contact us it can be arranged.
How old do I need to be? The minimum age for this is 18 years old. ID will be requested on the day if there is any doubt whatsoever.
What is not involved? We cater for Doms & submissives who wish to get messy with foodstuffs and gunge only. Bodily fluids are not included. Please make sure you have some understanding of Domination/submission before offering yourself up and be aware that we have obvious sexual limitations. Domination is NOT prostitution.
I am not submissive or Dom but want to get messy too Visit our sister site SploshAGirl.com

If there are any further questions not covered here or on the contact page please email MissT. Her details can be found on the contact page.